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October 7 & 8, 2017
Weathering the Storm
Merry Holidays and a Very Happy Christmas to Everyone!
The Polka Flea Market - Once A Year!!!
The Vintage Flower Antique Market


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October 7 & 8, 2017

   Fall in the Field

The Best Vintage  Fall Market in the
    Mt. Dora
*Under the Pavilion

Weathering the Storm

September 17, 2017
Just a week ago, we had an unwelcome visit from Irma - Hurricane Irma, that is. We are very lucky to only have damage to our bushes and trees - our home and workshop received little or no damage.  That being said, it will take us months to pick up the branches, leaves, fronds....
It is important for all of us to think about those less fortunate throughout Florida and Texas. PLEASE donate to the charity of your choice - whatever you are able to give.  There are many who not only lost their homes.

Merry Holidays and a Very Happy Christmas to Everyone!

As the holidays approach, it is the perfect time to reflect on all the wonderful folks that we have met at Renninger's Markets throughout the years........each of you has added so much positivity to our lives!  We put a tremendous amount of ourselves - our time, our energy, our creativity - into our one of a kind decor pieces and the "atta boys" go a very long way!  However you spend the upcoming days, however you enjoy time with your friends and family, we hope that everyone shares healthy and happy days that turn into cherished memories.

The Polka Flea Market - Once A Year!!!

The Polka Flea Market, the once a year juried vintage market is June 11 and 12 this year.  Carol and Bradley are the organizers extraordinaire, inviting the best of the best to share with YOU.   These juried vendors offer an excellent array of vintage displays full to the brim with vintage and antique shabby chic cottage one of a kind joys!!  The air conditioned venue is one of the very few in hot and humid Florida, so shoppers can come early and plan on staying the WHOLE DAY!

The Vintage Flower Antique Market

Spring brings the SWEETEST of all vintage markets in Central Florida, also held at Renninger's Market in Mt. Dora.  The Vintage Flower Antique Market in early spring........first weekend in April........just can't be matched for beautiful vendor displays, wonderful garden decor ideas and vintage items of all kinds....Toni Moody is the fabulous organizer whose vision has taken this from a small event to one of the largest once a year vintage markets in central Florida.


Vintage Market Report

Here's an update on the vintage market scene ........
The fall/winter series of vintage markets was busy, busy, busy..................along with emergency surgeries and convalescing..........we couldn't catch our collective breath.........not to mix metaphors, as we didn't have any lung issues!!
Renninger's Extrvaganzas in Mt. Dora are beyond.........just beyond ANYTHING you can imagine for a vintage market.  Happening three times each year, they are the biggest events in all of Florida.

Once a Year!! Polka Flea Market is June 11 and 12, 2016!!!!

Are we the only ones who have a website and never think about it??  WOW-haven't updated since last fall...........8 months ago!?!??!?!  Facebook has changed the world of social interaction ......and the development of small websites.  We KNOW how many folks hear from us via our Facebook page (Paris Flea Market Decor) but small websites, tho in fantastic positions on Internet searches, don't get much traffic. 
Here's an update on the vintage market scene ........

The fall/winter series of vintage markets was busy, busy, busy.

Fall 2015 is Finally Here!


Even though we are still struggling with hot afternoons, we can feel a welcome coolness in the air. Towns in and around central Florida are busy getting ready for Octoberfest celebrations and vintage markets. Check out our Facebook page "Paris Flea Market Decor" for the latest news and dates of the vintage markets around central Florida....YOU don't want to  miss ANY of them!

We hope that you will stop by our booths at the Fall in the Field Vintage Market, October 3-4, 2015.

September 12 - Second Saturday Market

This has been a particularly hot and wet summer in Central Florida........challenging our picking opportunities and making working outside of our barn dicey but we have lots of newly created one of a kind (OOAK) decorative items for everyone in spite of the heat and humidity!! 
Using reclaimed architectural pieces, we will have the large living or dining room mirror that you are looking for!  How about a reclaimed antique door to make a "barn door" out of? Or maybe, use this charmer from northern Florida as a leaner in your bedroom

The POLKA DOT FLEA is almost here!

The wait is over!  The second annual Polka Dot Flea is almost here!  June 13 and 14 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando..........The very best vintage market in central/north Florida showcasing the best vendors with the most unique and sought after one of a kind and vintage items ANYWHERE!
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